Welcome to Vanlect Electrical Systems cc


Specialised / Zoned Area

We provide exceptional services in electrical contracting, maintenance, upscale electrical works as well as general electrical work. The level and the efficiency of our service are enhanced by our in-house electrical components and spares wholesaling operation. This way we can ensure that all parts and components will be readily available for every new undertaking. Mr. R.W.F. Van Staden, the founder, has extensive expertise and experience in the electrical field that spans over 30 Years and adds massive weight to our inventory of valuable industry knowledge.
The company has performed numerous tasks in the mechanical and electrical field. Our Personnel has the experience and qualification to operate in various areas including the following: Light Maintenance:

  • Lux level Inspection & Report Annual
  • Replacement of faulty lamps and fittings
  • Upgrade of lighting systems to energy efficiency
  • Cleaning of light fittings

General Power Supply:

  • Electrical installation and Upgrade
  • Supermarkets chain stores such as Spare and Woolworths
  • Commercial / Factory / Plant Maintenance
  • Design of all new electrical systems
  • Laboratories, Garages, Hospitals etc
  • Automation of electrical Plants

Vanlect is a 100% HDI owned and managed company...